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What is black magic?

Black magic is a part of dark art which when done on people will harm them in all the ways possible. It is to be noted that people who are jealous of the ones who are prospering in their life in terms of love, business, life and wealthy. The dark energy which is used to put a spell on anyone can be easily transferred from one person to another person. Black magic can be harmful when it is cast on someone else because it is cast with bad intentions and people who are suffering from it can become tainted for a long time.

How black magic does effects a person?

Black magic has the worst effects on a person. The symptoms can be caught in the early stages but they can be misinterpreted with the symptoms of a certain medical condition. The initial symptoms can be severe diarrhea, stomach ache, loss of appetite, headaches, body aches, lack of sleep and many more. These symptoms are developed in the initial stages and later on, the symptoms go worst. If the situation worsens and the person is not treated on time then the person can die also. If there is a less powerful spirit on a person then it can be removed by performing a simple Puja. The Puja will be performed related to the planet or navagraha. The reason behind performing the Puja is that each planet is equivalent to the power of those Gods. The related planets can only be found from a person’s horoscope and the Puja can be performed accordingly. There are some powerful entities that cannot be removed by a Puja. If a Puja is performed for them then the effect of it would stay for a small duration but later on the effect would be back and the person would suffer more.

Can Vedic astrology be used to detect black magic?

Yes, not only Vedic astrology can be used to detect black magic but it is also used to cure it. The influence of black magic is so bad on a person that they lose consciousness and start behaving like a mad person. You must have seen that people who are under the spell of black magic suddenly starts talking in a different voice, make a twisting motion with their hands and also roll back the eyes in their head. This happens when the spell is very strong and sometimes claims the life of a person. Astrologer Krishna Ji is a profound black magic specialist who can detect and remove all kinds of spells from a person. If you know someone whose behavior has changed over time and has become a weird kind of a personality then it is the best decision to bring them to astrologer Krishna Ji.

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