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Astrologer Krishna Ji has made his mark in astrology by being the best astrologer in the Bay Area, California. He is known for his accurate and effective predictions. He belongs to a family of renowned astrologers and he is following the footsteps of his forefathers.

Having an experience of many years in this field, he has been helping a lot of people who are facing problems in love, marriage, job and other problems. He is an expert Vashikaran specialist and his solutions are most effective in black magic removal.

He has attained the highest degree in Vedic astrology and has been in this field for more than 16 years. Apart from the life-related issues, he also provides a solution for family disputes, aura reading, divorce cases, getting your love back and much more. Astrologer Krishna Ji has learned all aspects of astrology from his grandfather.

Since childhood, he had a keen interest in the transit of the moon and the sun, the positions of planets and the effects of the zodiac on them. He is God sent for people who have never-ending life problems. His results are always positive and effective, no matter what problem a person is facing.

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Astrologer Krishna Ji is known for his effective and useful remedies. People from all over the world come to him with their problems as they know that they will get the solution from astrologer Krishna Ji only. Say bye to your problems.

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With the solutions that astrologer Krishna Ji provides, comes lifetime protection which will be beneficial for you. Our astrologer will give effective remedies and solutions that you will stay away from problems.

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We provide proper support to all the customers that are connected with us. We care for each and every customer who is connected to astrologer Krishna Ji. Our aim is to provide best support so every customer will be benefitted.

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Client trust is our main foundation and astrologer Krishna Ji makes sure that no client should go empty-handed from his place. He has pledged to make everything better for the people who are facing life-related problems.

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Astrologer Krishna Ji is a top astrologer and is a fortune-teller who with his solutions gives relief to people who are facing hardships in their life and want a permanent solution to all the problems. He not only provides solutions but also performs Puja and certain rituals according to the need in the horoscope. People who are facing problems in love or they need to stop their divorce should consult him as he is the best astrologer who provides solutions for astrology love compatibility. He also provides relief to people who want to get rid of an evil eye, black magic spell, and curse removal.

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It is obvious that everyone does not know about the working of planets and their transits. Not just the future but some people are also curious about the zodiacs and their effects on different planets and other zodiac signs; like how compatible is a particular zodiac with the other one in terms of relationships, love, marriage and compatibility. People also want to know which planet is related to finance and which one is related to career. The effects and importance of a horoscope in education and what measures should be taken to have a successful educational career.

What is Vedic astrology and how is it important?

Vedic astrology is a very ancient astrology and was developed by the sages in primeval times. One can say that Vedic astrology dates back to 5000 years. The sages used to observe the starts and planetary revolutions and rotations and used to correlate them with astrology by performing a certain calculation. There are different energies in this universe and which energy will have an effect on a person was decided by calculating the astronomical variations in the sky. At that time they had different tools and charts with which they used accurately calculate the effects.

Can astrology predictions go wrong sometimes, if yes, then why?

Yes, astrology predictions can go wrong sometimes. It mostly happens when the time of the birth is inaccurate. The exact time of birth and the reporting time of birth are very much different. Most of the time, when we get the time it is the reporting time and there can be a difference of minutes or seconds. It also depends on the experience of the astrologer. Astrology is not inherited only the profession can be inherited. Astrologers too have to learn and practice all the aspects of astrology in order to predict the accurate future of a person. Choose the astrologer with a good experience.

How helpful is Vedic astrology in an individual’s life?

Vedic astrology is very helpful when it comes to predicting the future of a person. The astrology or horoscope or the natal charts are prepared at birth and they contain all the information about your past, present and future. Astrology in Hinduism is so acclaimed that before starting almost everything big, one is supposed to visit and consult an astrologer. Be it your marriage or you are starting a new business or even to name your newborns, one should visit an astrologer. The problems that you might face in future and how can you avoid them or how can you find a remedy to face them will all be given by an astrologer.

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