Indian Puja

What is Indian Puja and how it is performed?

When a person is offering prayers to God then it is called Puja. Puja is the act of worshipping our God Almighty in the forms of rituals, chants, songs, and invocations. The person who performs a Puja is known as a devotee. Performing Puja is the way to build a spiritual connection with God. Generally, the Puja is performed in front of a deity or an object. The symbol of God is meant to serve as the channel of the connection with the divine powers. With the cosmic energies present in the deity, the person’s soul is connected with the divine presence.

A person life is managed by the nine planets and their effects. To eliminate the negative influences of the planets over a person, a Puja is performed. This is done after an astrologer reads the horoscope in order to know which planet is a malefic planet and creating a problem. This way he/she can decide a specific Puja.

Puja is very auspicious and when performed correctly, they can produce benefitted results that will influence the life of a person in a positive way. Pujas are way more auspicious than any other astrological remedies as it has a more powerful presence in a person’s life. Each God has a Puja or a hawan marked in their name and all the information is clearly prescribed in the scriptures of Vedic science.

Types of Indian Puja according to Vedic astrology

  • Saraswati Puja
    This Pooja is performed to have great success in education. Goddess Saraswati is known as the goddess of wisdom and intellect. If a person is not performing well in their studies then a Saraswati Puja should be performed. After the Puja, the student will give out better results and will perform well in their studies with hard work.
  • Purusha Sukhta Puja
    This Puja is performed by the couples who are childless and are unable to have one. It is not always that one has a medical condition because of which one cannot have a child. Sometimes the stars and the luck are not in your favor and this can be changed by performing Purush Sukhta Puja by couples. The alignment of the planets and how they are positioned in each house matters the most. After this Puja is performed, the happiness in the form of a child will be delivered soon.
  • Ganesh Puja
    Ganesh Puja is performed when someone is starting a new venture or business. According to mythology, when Shiva asked his two sons Ganesh and Kartikey to race around the earth 7 times and whosoever will come first will be awarded. Immediately Kartikey set out to race on his peacock and Ganesh took circles around his parents stating that they are the world to him. Impressed by this, Shiva declared that whenever a person will start a new beginning then it will only flourish if Lord Ganesh is worshipped before laying the foundation.

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